How can I find and fix crawl errors on my website?

Finding and Fixing Crawl Errors on Your Website

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Search engine crawlers, also known as bots or spiders, may encounter issues when trying to access or index pages on your website. These errors, known as crawl errors, can harm your website’s search engine rankings and visibility. This article will explain how to detect and correct crawl errors on your website.

Use Google Search Console

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Google Search Console is a free tool that allows you to monitor your website’s performance in Google search results. Go to the “Crawl” tab, select “Crawl Errors,” and examine the list of errors that Google has encountered on your website.

Check for Broken Links for crawl errors on website

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Broken links, also known as dead links, can prevent search engine crawlers from properly indexing your website. Use tools like Dead Link Checker or Broken Link Checker to find and fix broken links by either removing or updating them.

Check for Redirects for crawl errors on website

Redirects can also cause crawl errors when not implemented properly. Use the tool Redirect Path to check your website’s redirects and ensure they’re directing users to the correct destination.

Check for Duplicate Content

Duplicate content can also cause crawl errors by confusing search engine crawlers. Use the tool Siteliner to identify any duplicate content on your website and either remove it or properly canonicalize it.

Check for Blocked Resources

Search engine crawlers may be unable to access certain resources on your website if they are blocked by your website’s robots.txt file or meta robots tags. Check these settings to ensure that important resources are not blocked from being crawled.

To conclude, crawl errors can negatively impact your website’s search engine rankings and visibility. By regularly identifying and fixing errors, you can ensure that your website is properly indexed by search engines and improve its visibility in search results.

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